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text&audio Yangon. A wonderful city of thousands of pagodas.

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Yangon. A wonderful city of thousands of pagodas.

Chapter first. People.

If you first arrive in Yangon, it may seem that there is nothing surprising in here. Well, a typical postcolonial city and nothing more. But, the longer I walked through the streets of the city, the more I noticed that local people are extremely peaceful among themselves and also towards strangers and foreigners. I did not notice even one unkind look! When we asked our shipping agent if there is any danger for us to walk around the streets of Yangon, the agent replied that there were no problems in the city with crime. As for the photocam that was hanging on my shoulder, nobody paid no attention to it at all. Although in some cities of distant Brazil, good people explained me using words and gestures to take off and hide the camera, otherwise the local punks or criminals will take it by using force and, moreover, they can beat up the tourist.

In the end, all the time that I happened to be in Yangon, I have never met any malice or danger for myself. This is where the abode of the most real Buddhists!
Few speak here in English, despite the fact that Burma is a former English colony. But the locals always try to help in any situation, somehow to understand a talker and explain something. However, if you allow people to defraud  you  and take more money from you when buying souvenirs or paying for services, then local people will not miss such a chance. But only with your consent and permission... and because of your unknowing of local realities.  wink

It was very striking that in the country cars are moving just like in most countries of Europe and in Russia (right-hand traffic), but practically all the cars with the right-hand drive. And then the most interesting! Get ready! Accidents and traffic events of various kinds almost never happen in the city! I personally did not see any accidents and, asking local people who worked with us in the port, found out that the accidents are very rare, despite the full-scale "right-hand drive" paradox.