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Marine dwellers and fellow travelers


Quiet Pacific Ocean.

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Being in the warm waters of the seas and oceans, at a distance of tens or even hundreds of miles from the nearest shores, sailors do not remain without fellow travelers from among the marine inhabitants. The constant accompaniment of ships by seabirds is not news to anyone. They constantly accompany the ships,  settling on them, then flying away in search of food and returning back.

 On the bow mast of the ship

You can rarely see "land" birds, but they also sometimes travel on ships illegally, finding a temporary shelter on a ship in their ports and leaving with the ship at sea. Even without food on board, such birds safely reach the next port, as now most ships go from port to port for no more than a few days. Most often in this way travel, of course, pigeons.

Pigeons on a containership in the middle of the ocean.

Sometimes the birds even make their nests in space somewhere in the middle of the containers (at some time there is calm and relatively safe, but, nevertheless, the chicks are not destined to be born in such conditions).

In tropical waters, you can meet large sea turtles, slowly floating very, very far from the shore. It is said that such turtles are thus able to cross the seas and oceans. Seabirds often use the shell of a floating turtle for rest and temporarily settle down on it like on small floating island.

 A floating tortoise. Pacific Ocean.


  A bird sitting on a turtle.


  Take off from the turtle "airfield".

Another inherent companions of the ships are dolphins. They jump out of the water near the ships one by one or at once in groups of two or three,  on the right or left of a ship. It is possible that the noise or size of ships, or something else, causes the fish to climb closer to the surface and dolphins use this. But everyone most likes the ancient legend that dolphins thus welcome sailors.

  A dolphin jumping out of the wave near a going ship.


 Double jump.

  Who is faster? Race against the ship. Flying fish

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