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Rich coast, where there is always summer



Nature here amazes with the riot of vegetation and the diversity of inhabitants, both in the sea and in the forests.

Costa Rica. The name of the country in translation means "rich coast". The two port terminals we go into, Limon and Moin, are both located in the same city - Puerto Limon.

Lemon is the second largest city in Costa Rica. Cruise liners come here throughout the year, as Costa Rica is very popular with tourists. Especially popular are visits to this resort city in October, when a carnival is held here dedicated to the discovery of these lands by Columbus.

Puerto Limón . Costa Rica. 

Набережная Пуэрто-Лимона
 Quay of Puerto Limon.

Центральная улица Пуэрто-Лимона
 The central street of the city..

Совы в городском парке

Совы в городском парке
 Owls in the city park.


Летящий пеликан
 A flying pelican.

Прибрежный обитатель
 Coastal inhabitant.


Вид с корабля на море
 View from the ship at sea.

Остров вблизи города.
 Island near the city.


Набережная Лимона
 Quay of Puerto Limon.

Городской парк
 The city park is right after the central street of the city

Городской парк
 City Park.

Кокосовые пальмы
 Coconut palms.


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