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Ship's extreme-recipe! Equatorial-gastronomic lifehack!



An experiment in the tropics on the hot deck of a container ship.
Is it possible to fry eggs in the sun?

It is hot enough near the equator in Costa Rica and the metal parts of the ship's hull become very hot in the daytime under the sun. Once we decided to check - is it possible to fry an omelette directly on the deck?
We decided to conduct an experiment on one of the wings of the navigation bridge. The navigational bridge is at the very top of the superstructure of the ship. The bridge's wings are an open deck, which is heated by the sun. This place is under the action of a extreme equatorial ultraviolet, washed with rain and storms, so this deck is practically clean and sterile. In any case, it is much cleaner than plates and other tableware in many city apartments, canteens and restaurants. We did not want to use frying pan, because our interest was - is it possible to fry an egg right on the deck.

In my spare time, having prepared the necessary supplies and, just in case (after all I should try it, of course) washed a part of the deck well, wiped and treated it, and we started the process  - cooking eggs.

Everything is ready for cooking

The cooking time took about 20-25 minutes. It turned out the fried egg was a bit liquid inside the yolk. The egg white was partially white,at a place where there was a thicker layer. The thin layer, unfortunately, has dried too fast to become white (everywhere there are own features , how without them?).

 The egg white turns white partially 

It would be faster and better if we used the black iron lying on the heat insulator (for example, a piece of wood), which would be heated much more strongly than the ship's deck. But anyway, we did not have black iron and our goal was to fry just on a hot deck. And even on the gray deck we achieved a univocal result: fry eggs on the equator without using fire is possible! And if a large part of the ship, submerged in water, would not be cooled by sea water (which, with great thermal conductivity of the ship's metal hull, reduces its overall temperature),  the result would surpass all expectations on the gray deck. 
So, if to use black frying pan under the scorching equatorial sun the result will be exellent in some minutes.
We named this dish as "fried eggs in Costarican style".

All is very serious! ))) 

Switch on video and watch the process! (Subtitles in several languages):

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