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Вторник, 16.04.2024, 11:07

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text&audio Nobody can stand it completely


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Nobody can stand it completely

Work in the sea on ships is rich in contrasts. Long sea crossings allow you to see different countries, customs, natural landscapes and... different weather conditions. On the sea, the weather can vary very sharply, from the total calm to the sharp hurricane gusts of the wind. The sun, the calm sea ... And with the winds come the storm. Especially in the winter and for a long time.

It is not natural for a person to live in conditions of a storm and constant pitching. An ordinary person can withstand a relatively small sea disturbance within 1-3 hours; seasoned, experienced sailor - a little longer. There are exceptions to the rules, when the impact of a storm has almost no effect on people and is manifested, for example, by a sharp increase in appetite, but this is very rare.

Much more often people with prolonged exposure to pitching begin to suffer from the so-called "seasickness", when one does not want anything and everything seeks to come out  from inside to outer...

Long-term impact, and ship transitions from port to port in conditions of a continuous storm can be several days and weeks, always has an adverse effect. The stronger the storm, the worse the condition worsens. A multi-day test for a man's character ...

On modern ships, especially large and very large, the pitching feels less. Active and passive stabilizers are used. How they work, if desired, can easily be found on the network. But it's on big ships. In small everything is the old-fashioned way. If the storm, then to the full. Fishermen know lots about this especially in the northern latitudes. But even here the ship's watchkeeping is in a closed, heated room. You can imagine what it was like for sailors in times of sailing fleet, when in any weather the helmsman should be at the helm and the raising and lowering the sails was also carried out in any weather!

But, nevertheless ... Service is the service, especially on ships. And work is work. The ship must go. Despite everything.

And still, there is an inexplicable charm, the romance of the "counter wave". Even a certain excitement, when the wave strikes the bow of the ship and splashes with the wind reach the portholes of the navigation bridge. But this, rather, is also an exception to the rules and only in case with a relatively small wave.

But even with a seemingly ideal-sunny, windless weather it happens, ship is pitching on the waves hard enough.

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