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text&audio Search and rescue on a container ship


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Search and Rescue Operation Training.
Rescue Boat Launching.

Search and rescue on a container ship.

Ocean container ships. Non-stop transfers from port to port. When the vessel arrives at the port, the unloading-loading begins immediately, and again in the way.
Time does not remain for anything else. But sometimes there is some unforeseen break in a constant busy schedule, and this is the best time not only for rest, but also for carrying out crew exercises and improving maritime skills.

Trainings are different. This time, training was conducted on search and rescue on the water. Search and Rescue Operation.

The importance of such exercises is very high, especially in the merchant marine, because unlike the military fleet there is no clear schedule for training and they are held when the schedule of transfers allows. Seamen who are at a certain moment and on a certain vessel have completely different experience. The crew members are constantly changing and the joint team experience is very important for any actions. Three hundred years ago, the navy understood the importance of constant exercise and this was reflected in the Naval Regulations of 1720.

"On training on ships or boats.
Should always, when time and place are allowed, arrange training on ships by the whole fleet; and if, when on ships is impossible, then by boats. "

To begin with, everyone was explained their task and the actions of each participant. Then the team proceeded directly to the training.
Launching the search and rescue boat, departure of the boat off the ship, maneuvering, raising the boat and returning to the ship.

By itself, the descent and return of the search and rescue boat with the crew on board with the height of the ship's side at 10 meters - the operation is serious and requires increased attention and accuracy.

How it was, watch the video:

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